Custom food truck remodel in Sanford, FL

Custom Food Truck Remodel Services in Sanford, FL

Food trucks have gained popularity nowadays because they’re a great way to bring delicious, authentic food to customers without sacrificing quality or price. If you want to get into the food truck business or transform your old truck, turn to American Built Food Trucks. We offer food truck remodeling and building services throughout Central Florida.

Food Truck Remodel

Each truck serves different foods, goes to different locations, and has different needs, so don't settle for a cookie-cutter truck. You need a customized food truck suitable for your restaurant and style. If you already have a truck, we can strip it down and build it back up according to your specifications. When we're done building your truck, all you need is your vehicle wrapped or painted to complete the work.

Interior Work

  • Electrical Wiring
  • Insulation
  • Countertops

Exterior Work

  • Easy-Open Awnings
  • Serving Windows That Open Vertically
  • Sound Systems
  • Lighting System With Bright Fluorescents
American Built Food Trucks

Food Truck Build

If you haven't started your business but already have a type of truck in mind, we can build it from the ground up. We will create a truck with insulation and framing made of aluminum stud and wood panels. After that, our crew will cover the walls with stainless steel and the ceiling with anodized aluminum. This will ensure that the structure of your truck will be durable and clean.

Superb Interior Work

We custom-build welded aluminum countertops and frames, which are strong enough to hold any equipment or tools you need in the food truck. Aside from this, our team can install gas appliances that align with each other. With internal wiring and generator bays, your food truck will be ready to roll. Our exceptional interior work is done with your workflow in mind so that operations are smooth and easy.

Everything Is Built In-House

To give us more control over the process, we build everything in-house. This will also help us ensure optimum and consistent quality every time. Our trucks wired internally, with no visible conduits or junction boxes. All the counters are with welded aluminum frames and stainless countertops, which are better than ready-made alternatives.

Connect With Us

Whether you need a food truck remodel or a full build, call us today at (407) 960-2632. We have a dedicated staff member who will answer your inquiries and concerns.