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Dixie Chicken

Southern fried chicken

This was an interesting build! We converted this 30 foot 1979 Airstream trailer into a concession trailer for a blueberry farm. After stripping out the original insulation, fixtures, and some wiring, we replaced the wood subfloor, framed out the serving window, and sheathed the interior in curved plywood. We put in a diamond plate aluminum floor and curved stainless steel walls. We built a custom curved exhaust hood and also changed the shape of a tall warming cabinet to fit the curved walls. The equipment includes a convection oven, a mixer and automatic donut-making machine, a cabinet warmer, a worktop fridge and a worktop freezer, a fridge, a beverage cooler, and several beverage machines. We also put three AC units on the roof. Although this trailer is mostly stationary at the owner's farm, it's still street legal.