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Quality Inside & Out

Your truck is built right, so you can get down to business

We make sure every detail of your truck build is correct, saving you from trouble down the line. All of the trucks we build are first stripped down and cleaned. We install rigid foam insulation in the cooking area, then frame out the interior with aluminum studs and wood panels to add strength. Next the walls and ceiling are clad in stainless steel. A custom stainless ventilation hood is installed, with fire suppression covering the appliances.

Your counters are made on site with welded aluminum frames. We make stainless countertops to fit, finished with a swirl pattern to conceal scratches. Three-bay dish sinks and hand wash sinks are installed.

We pay attention to details that other companies ignore. In fact, people who have had their trucks built elsewhere often bring them to us to have them remodeled. We securely anchor all appliances to make sure they won't shift while driving. We include stainless steel covers for your fryers to keep the oil from sloshing while in motion. We install wire shelving to give you extra storage space without blocking light. Our generators are installed in an internal compartment, so your customers aren't driven away by loud engine noise.