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Current Projects

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We have two projects underway, a trailer and a fire rescue vehicle. The trailer will hold a convection oven, two fryers, a flat griddle, a stove, a fridge, a freezer, a prep cooler, and a beverage cooler. The propane tanks are mounted on the front nose, and the generator is in a compartment built beneath the convection oven. The sinks are built into a V-shaped counter in the nose.

Our other build is a fire rescue vehicle, originally from Chicago. It was built with storage compartments along each side, which needed to be cut out to make room for appliances. We then extended the floor into the newly opened space, with aluminum sheet on top of a welded frame. Another cosmetic layer of aluminum will cover this. We also needed to raise the ceiling height, which involved cutting off and lifting up the roof, then welding in new material.