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Builds & Remodels

Custom food trucks & rebuilds of existing trucks

We strive to build the best food trucks in the industry. Our trucks wired internally, with no visible conduits or junction boxes. We insulate the entire vehicle and frame it with aluminum studs and wood panels for strength, then cover the walls with stainless steel and ceiling with anodized aluminum. We build the counters in-house with welded aluminum frames and stainless countertops, and they are much stronger than the ready-made alternatives used by other builders. We install commercial gas appliances to suit your needs, making sure that appliance fronts align with each other and each appliance is placed with your workflow in mind. Our trucks are outfitted with internal generator bays and easy-open awnings with serving windows that open vertically. The interiors are brightly lit with sealed flourescents, and we install exterior lighting and sound systems.