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New build for sale

18' stepvan with appliances and generator

This build is almost complete and available for sale. The stepvan is a '98 6.5L diesel with 158k on the odometer, but with a newer motor. We've done our usual custom build, with all wiring inside the walls, stainless steel on the cook and sink walls, and counters built to size. The appliances, mostly used and in good condition, will include two fryers, a two well food warmer, a 36" flat griddle, a 12" 2-burner stove, a 48" prep cooler, a 27" fridge and a 27" freezer, a beverage cooler, and three-bay and handwash sinks. The generator is a 7.5kW Cummins-Onan quiet model. This ready-to-cook truck can be yours for $45,000. Please contact us for details.